Monday, 25 June 2012

Russian Red - MAC

O inverno já está aí apesar da gente não estar sentindo! Ainda está bem quente aqui, concordam?!
De qualquer forma, aqui está meu batom vermelho favorito!  O Russian Red da Mac, uma cor que está super em alta para este inverno.

Winter is already here even though we can't feel it! It's still very hot in Brazil! 
Anyways, here it is my favourite red lipstick ever! Russian Red from MAC, a colour that is very fashionable at the moment.
Na minha opinião, é o tom mais lindo e não dá pra competir com nenhum outro.
Já postei sobre o Ruby Woo, também da Mac, aqui e o Russian Red é um pouco mais escuro do que ele.

It's a gorgeous colour that in my opinion can't compete with no other.
I've already posted about Ruby Woo, also from Mac, here and Russian red is a bit darker than the one mentioned before.
Acho que não só o Russian Red mais também o Ruby Woo são ótimos investimentos não só para o inverno mas também para o verão, por serem cores coringas!

I think not only  Russian Red but also Ruby Woo are great investments not just for winter but for summer too, right?!
Este batom tem o acabamento matte/fosco, então tem uma textura bem seca. Logo, é legal passar um hidratante labial antes de aplicar o batom para os lábios não ficarem feios e nem secos demais.
Você tem um batom vermelho favorito?

This lipstick is matte, so it's a quite dry texture, then a lip balm is a good choice to apply before the lipstick if you don't want your lips to be ugly or even bother you.
Are you crazy about any red lipstick?

Sack's - R$79.00
Roana Hernandez - R$47.00 + frete
MAC Brasil - R$79.00

MAC UK - £13.50
MAC USA - US$ 14.50


  1. woooow amazing color!!!!
    too bad mac isn't crulty free anymore :((.

    1. Isn't it???

      OMG is that true? I didn't knoe that!
      Where did you find it???

    2. yes unfortunately!!! I don't know what to do without mac-produkts!
      I've read it on many other blogs and a youtuber that I really trust talked about it recently:

    3. OMG! I wasn´t aware of that yet!
      That´s so sad =(

      Gonna check this youtube channel.
      Thanks for the info btw!

  2. wooow ,que vermelho. Maravilhoso fiquei com vontade de ter um, amei o blog principalmente o banner haha *-*

    1. Eh lindo mesmo neh?!

      Compra pq arrasa hahaha

      Obrigada pelos elogios!! Logo vou te visitar tb!

  3. russian red is SO gorgeous! i have ruby woo, but i can't stand it. it's russian red's matte counterpart, and when i use it, it sort of flakes and curls up into little red balls -- if that makes any sense at all! it's so annoying. i've been meaning to try a nice, creamy shade from MAC (like this one!) but haven't got around to it :(
    russian red looks so gorgeous on you, though!


    1. Ok, I totally understand what you said and the same used to happen to me too!
      But as I said on the post, if you don´t want that to happen, just apply a lip balm before the lipstick, depending on the product it will look not so shiny as mine on the picture, like not taking too much of the matte finish but at the same time not bothering you.
      Because it is really bad, I hate when that happens.

      Try the lip balm with ruby woo as well, I´m sure it´s gonna work!

      Thanks btw!!!


  4. Meu batom vermelho favorito é o Ruby Woo, acho que orna mais com a minha pele (pra usar mais um termo de vó que as blogueiras resolveram ressuscitar - tô implicante hoje).

    Mas tô de cara com o comentário aqui em cima que a MAC não é mais cruelty free. Sacanagem.

    1. Sim, eu amo o Ruby Woo mas o Russian Red, notavelmente é meu favorito!
      Só abrir os dois juntos hahaa, Russian Red tá na metade já!

      E de fato, vc sendo mais branquinha q eu, o Ruby Woo fica mais bonito mesmo =)

      Hahaha implicaaaaaaaaaanteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

      Eu tb fiquei de cara... estou pesquisando sobre o evento =(

      beijos amiga

  5. oh wow this is an amazing red lipstick! i will definitely be investing! love it :) x

    1. Isn´t it???

      Please do! Every woman should have one hahaha


  6. This is such a beautiful shade of red! It looks gorgeous on you! I've always loved a red lip, but the color is so bold I'm a bit scared to try it on myself. It looks great on you though!

    1. Isn´t it?
      I really love this one!

      You shouldn´t be scared at all!
      Red lipstick is for EVERY woman, please buy one for u!! hahah

      thanks a lot!


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